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Is Leonardo DiCaprio Not The Biggest Hollywood Star of 2013?

Leo, Wolf of Wall Street
Leo, Wolf of Wall Street

I do think Leonardo’s career skidded downward from the peak of mount Titanic, well, through no fault of his. Hardly could a buzz that huge be sustained by anyone. Even the man who made the classic possible, James Cameron, went into a vampirish sleep he never woke from till Avatar was birthed.

Leonardo had since remained the decent, albeit big, Hollywood star. Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Tom Cruise, and lately (what’s his name?) Robert Pattinson of The Twilight Saga have all looked more appealing to the paparazzi. Leonardo kept striving. Blood Diamond couldn’t drag him back on the lit podium despite its African appeal.

Now, more closely, many would draw a bold argument from the heights of 2004 when he won the Golden Globe Award for his role in the movie, The Aviators, or even point to The Departed as a great art. Yes, these are valid arguments at worst, but for me, they pale in the height of the past (Titanic) or the floodlight of what was to come. Yes, and it did come! Leonardo joined the Scorsese band and The Wolf of Wall Street was released, a product of alkaloid-induced ejaculation and foul tongue. We all got caught up in the euphoria. You too! No? The buzz is up once again. Need I rant about the Oscar nomination for best actor? That’s what I thought.

gatsby- leo gatsby- leo 2

Now don’t scream Jack yet ’cause The Great Gatsby just rolled up the spool, staring…(you said it!) Leonardo DiCaprio. He was rich. He looked rich. He smelled of it. He was in love. None could have played the role better than Leo (like I like to call him). Director Baz Luhrmann got a great deal— Leo delivered!

And how are these movies doing financially? Pretty awesome, I’d tell you. The figures keep changing, grossing more and more by the week. I dare not declare the numbers, lest I be guilty of false rambling. Well, just forget the figures, enjoy the show— The Leo Show. The Awesomeness of 2013!

Take your seat. Let the euphoria take you.