Thor: The Dark World
Thor: The Dark World
Captain Philips
Captain Philips

In case you missed it while it was hot, it’s still hot. Now drop it like it is! Grab the insight and go grab yourself popcorn!

20. Prisoners (Denis Villeneuve)
19. The Grandmasters (Wong Kar-Wai)
18. Thor: The Dark World (Alan Taylor)
17. Only God Forgives (Nicolas Winding Refn)
16. The Iceman (Ariel Vromen)
15. John Dies At The End (Don Coscarelli)
14. The Great Gatsby (Baz Luhrmann)
13. This Is The End (Seth Gordon, Evan Goldberg)
12. Trance (Danny Boyle)
11. The Power Of Few (Leone Marucci)

Spring Breakers
Spring Breakers
Evil Dead 2
Evil Dead 2

10. The Conjuring (James Wan)
9. Byzantium (Neil Jordan)
8. Evil Dead (Fede Alvarez)
7. Spring Breakers (Harmony Korine)
6. Stoker (Chan-wook Park)
5. Blue Jasmine (Woody Allen)
4. Gravity (Alfonso Cuaron)
3. Mud (Jeff Nichols)
2. Captain Philips (Paul Greengrass)
1. The Wolf of Wall Street (Martin Scorsese)

Now how many of these have you seen? Share, let your friends too have their say.

Another Unique Take of C.J. ‘Fiery’ Obasi
C.J. “Fiery” Obasi is a writer, director and editor. His credits include the art-house surrealistic feature – Jim & Joan, as well as the upcoming thriller- OJUJU.


8 thoughts on “20 BEST FILMS OF 2013

  1. I have watched half of these, though i am sad some movies didnt make this list e.g white house down, gangster squad, what maisie knew, stuck in love, now you see me etc


  2. Movies I’d have on the list:
    Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, Olympus Has Fallen, Fast & Furious 6, 2 Guns, White House Down, Man Of Steel (some of z best action flicks in recent times joorh)

    Now You See Me

    Carrie, Mama, American Hustle, World War Z (really are you kidding me? No WWZ?)

    August Osage County, Pain and Gain…..etc

    Movies I’d take out from the list: Spring Breakers (bleh 2012 Movie), The Conjuring (one of 2013 Horror movies I didn’t really enjoy, Carrie and Mama are much better)

    Ok, I’m done….unfortunately I seen jus Ten of these…not cool. Gonn make up in z coming days tho.

    Great post bTw 😀


    1. Lol. Great injection Ned. I think Spring Breaker shouldn’t have made it too. Replace that with WWZ. And I’d fix Now You See Me somewhere. For the action/sci fi flicks you mentioned, O’boy I no too feel the jor!

      Great contribution still.


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