Mario Balotelli: The Movie Star

Balotelli would impress you. Especially if you’re a lover of the bizarre, the epic, the crazy stuffs. Across, his name is of international acclaim, and this, trust me, is not down to footballing prowess alone. Frank Ribery, the world’s No. 3 (2013 Season), plays better, but Super Mario (like he was dubbed in Manchester) is the man any day.

Super Mario
Super Mario

In filmmaking, directors toil hard to be different, to be unpredictable, to pull that out-of-the-world camera movement. Millions are spent doing this, casts pushed to limits, and CGI looked up to like the new God. But being different comes to Mario naturally. No toils. He went through his Manchester City career without celebrating his goals. And he scored many!

And just when you rashly conclude he’s bitterly soulless, you find him kissing his foster mother in public glare, or on the AC Milan bench crying his hearts out after his team got battered.

Mario in tears
Mario, the emotional.

Well, as a lover of the unexpected, my favorite Balotelli moment was when he had 25,000 Pounds in his car, and after being pulled over by the ever reliable City of Manchester police, he was asked why he had that much cash in his car. A lot of cash for a cashless state, no?

Mario asked the cops, Why? Because I can! They must have thought he was crazy. They are right about one thing.


If I got round to making a movie and Mario Balotelli can’t be in it, then his replica would surely make the shoot, and the character would be no less crazy.




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